We offer custom software solutions in order to help companies automate their SOLIDWORKS designs.

Our custom software is flexible, upgradeable and scalable, in order to fit the customer’s needs as well as possible.


Designing the “same but different”

The “Same but Different” design refers to new designs that are based on a variation of existing designs.

In case a model has to be configured according to specific rules, these rules can be incorporated into a template. This template can be used every time by the user, in order to reproduce different versions of the same model, simply by changing the values of the variables.

More specifically, the model is first of all modified by us, according to the rules set by the client, and so a template is generated. Then, the customized software is developed, which is of course seamlessly integrated into the SOLIDWORKS User Interface.

After this point, the user/ designer interacts with the model through our own interface. Every time a template copy is created, so that the user/ designer can input the value of the variables, run the software and check the results.

After the 3D model has been created, it is possible to incorporate several functions, according to the client’s specific needs and preferences.

Automatically saving the geometry into a CNC machine format

Accounting cost and creating reports automatically

Creating additional applications similar to Toolbox

Creating additional functions that supplement core SOLIDWORKS features

Coding and naming automatically

Connecting to the ERP and/or PDM


Advantages of automated Design

1. Minimizes errors, reworks and delays

2. Does not require specialized personnel

A user/ designer possessing only basic designing skills is able to immediately begin producing, since his task is limited to input values of variables and checking the results

BACKWORKS 2018 supports more than 90% of all SOLIDWORKS features.

3. Saves Time

The time required in order to design a model ready for production is reduced from days to minutes.

4.Minimizes waste and improves productivity


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